Wednesday, 15 September 2010

If These Walls Could Speak: Inch Kenneth

If These Walls Could Speak: Inch Kenneth from Simon Morris on Vimeo.

Duration: 9 mins
Independent short documentary film completed September 2010

A white Victorian mansion is the sole habitation on a remote Scottish island called Inch Kenneth. During the Second World War the house was occupied by the legendary Mitford family. Through the memories of the last surviving Mitford sister, Deborah, this evocative short film offers a glimpse into the mansion's mysterious past.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

FIVER-Best Friend Rehab

Clip length: 2 minutes

2 x 60 mins in 8-part series
Aired on FIVER in October 2008
Monkey Kingdom

Self-shot on Z1 and self sound recorded. Edit produced.

In Best Friend Rehab a group of friends, fed up with their mate’s self-destructive behaviour, will give them the ultimate wake-up call – an intervention where they will be confronted by secretly-filmed evidence of their behaviour.

The 'rehabber' then enters an intensive step-by-step recovery programme, designed by psychologist Dr Cecilia D'Felice.

The opening episode of the series features 18 year old Jenn, who has a dangerous drinking problem. In this clip Jenn faces the challenge of being designated driver on a night out with her mates, and not touching a drop of alcohol.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

SKY Real Lives-Fat & Proud

Clip length: 2 minutes

2 x 60 mins in 5-part series
Aired on SKY Real Lives in June 2008
ZKK Productions

Directed HD PSC crew. Edit produced.

From mockery on the streets to harsh headlines, fat-phobia is rife in Britain. But a new breed of activists are on the march, sick of negative stereotypes and abuse. They’re saying 'we’re fat and we’re proud of it'. From the Big Girls Paradise night clubs to ‘size-acceptance activists', these are women who are proud to be plus-sized.

In this clip, Rosie from Blackburn has just joined 'Biggerfun', a dance class for the overweight, and is showing off some of her new dance moves to her husband Pete.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Channel 4 Education-Advertising Uncut

Clip length: 9 minutes

2 x 30 mins
Aired on Channel 4 in November 2007
ZKK Productions

Self-shot on Z1 and self sound recorded. Edit directed.

A part of Channel 4 Education's 'Media Unmasked' season, a 5-part series exploring the world of advertising, PR and marketing.

BBC1-Steven & Ndaziona

Clip length: 2 mins

6 x 2 min short films
Aired on BBC 1 November 2006

Self-shot on Z1 and self sound recorded. Edit directed.

One of six 2-minute films shot for the BBC in Malawi, about children who have lost their parents to AIDS, but are being helped by UNICEF projects in the country.

Steven (12) and Ndaziona (5) have lost both their parents to AIDS. They live in a township in Blantyre, Malawi. Steven acts as his little sister's parents.
UNICEF run schemes in Malawi to help children like these who are orphaned from AIDS.

BBC1-A Malawian Journey (PRIX JEUNESSE nominated)

Clip length: 8 mins

1 x 30 mins
Aired on BBC1 November 2006


Directed PSC digi crew. Directed edit.

Charlie (12) and Mica (11) travel to Malawi with UNICEF to meet some of the children there who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, and to see the Childrens' Corner projects UNICEF have set up to help them.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Nickelodeon-Bullying Special (BAFTA nominated)

Clip length: 2 mins

1 x 30 mins
Aired on Nickelodeon during Anti-Bullying Week, November 2006
Wised Up Productions


Self-shot on PD170, self sound recorded & directed PSC digi crew. Edit directed.

A 30 minute documentary exploring the issue of bullying in primary schools, telling kids' stories of being bullied, being bullies and bystanding, using stop-frame animation techniques to represent the stories.

MTV International-This Is Not A Commercial!

Clip length: 2 mins

1 x 30 mins
Aired on international MTV channels, World AIDS Day, December 1st 2005

Directed PSC digi crew. Edit directed.
Filmed in Los Angeles

A part of MTV's international AIDS awareness Staying Alive campaign, a 30 minute documentary exploring the changing world of AIDS awareness advertising from across the world in the last 25 years. Featuring global celebrities and teenagers from around the world giving opinions on what awareness messages work best, from abstinence to condom ads, humour vs. scare tactics and celebrity messages to real life campaigns.