Wednesday, 19 November 2008

SKY Real Lives-Fat & Proud

Clip length: 2 minutes

2 x 60 mins in 5-part series
Aired on SKY Real Lives in June 2008
ZKK Productions

Directed HD PSC crew. Edit produced.

From mockery on the streets to harsh headlines, fat-phobia is rife in Britain. But a new breed of activists are on the march, sick of negative stereotypes and abuse. They’re saying 'we’re fat and we’re proud of it'. From the Big Girls Paradise night clubs to ‘size-acceptance activists', these are women who are proud to be plus-sized.

In this clip, Rosie from Blackburn has just joined 'Biggerfun', a dance class for the overweight, and is showing off some of her new dance moves to her husband Pete.

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