Saturday, 22 November 2008

FIVER-Best Friend Rehab

Clip length: 2 minutes

2 x 60 mins in 8-part series
Aired on FIVER in October 2008
Monkey Kingdom

Self-shot on Z1 and self sound recorded. Edit produced.

In Best Friend Rehab a group of friends, fed up with their mate’s self-destructive behaviour, will give them the ultimate wake-up call – an intervention where they will be confronted by secretly-filmed evidence of their behaviour.

The 'rehabber' then enters an intensive step-by-step recovery programme, designed by psychologist Dr Cecilia D'Felice.

The opening episode of the series features 18 year old Jenn, who has a dangerous drinking problem. In this clip Jenn faces the challenge of being designated driver on a night out with her mates, and not touching a drop of alcohol.

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